Health & Fitness Digest - 9 November

Health & Fitness Digest - 9 November

In today's post:

  • Omega 3 is a powerful way to fight heart disease, but is there a difference between animal vs. plant-based Omega 3?
  • Can a glass of red wine prolong life?
  • An EXCELLENT article on why going vegan works for some but not others
  • FDA discovers Glyphosate in baby food
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Health & Fitness Digest - 20 May

Health & Fitness Digest - 20 May

In this digest:

  • New Harvard study reveals impact of pesticides on fertility in men
  • This is why I always look at the names and affiliations of individuals authors of studies in health and nutrition!
  • Curcumin shown to slow down cognitive (mental) function decline
  • Interval training vs. cardio: how they compare on cardiometabolic health
  • Impact of endurance training/racing on immune system & amino acids
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The first health & fitness digest for 2016!

The first health & fitness digest for 2016!

In the first digest of 2016: 

  • Study reveals that the less children sleep the fatter they get
  • Clear evidence that nuts reduce risk of mortality
  • Dark chocolate will make you stronger on the bike!
  • Antidepressants during pregnancy significantly increase risk of child autism
  • If you want to get smarter, then focus on HIT
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SE High Performance Fitness & Nutrition Digest

SE High Performance Fitness & Nutrition Digest

In this week’s digest:

-          Use intermittent fasting for weight loss and numerous health benefits

-          Use cocoa to accelerate muscle recovery after exercise (among other benefits)

-          Sugar-free sports and diet drinks heavily damage teeth

-          Use Ashwagandha for a strong boost in cardiovascular fitness

-          New research shows massive impact of sugar irrespective of the rest of the diet

-          Eat nuts for improvements in cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides

-          Replace diet soda with water for significantly more weight loss

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The High Performance Health & Nutrition Digest

The High Performance Health & Nutrition Digest

In today’s post:

  • Folic acid potentially dangerous to mother and child
  • Dark chocolate: a powerful tool to reduce cardiovascular risk factors
  • Harvard study says marathon training makes you fat
  • Cyclists and triathletes: Red Bull is BS
  • Large-scale Harvard study demonstrates that low-carb diets are far superior to low-fat for weight loss
  • Male triathletes: watch your testosterone
  • Just one alcoholic drink by pregnant mothers is enough to cause growth retardation of baby
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The Digest - June 7

The Digest - June 7
  • Get a training partner to get a performance breakthrough.
  • Cranberry juice: kicks heart disease markers in the gut!
  • Burnout is common among entrepreneurs, learn the skills to avoid it.
  • One of my ventures failed because I was missing 1 key person.
  • Common household pesticide linked to ADHD in children.
  • Menthol to deal with Dubai weather? Why not!
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The Digest - June 4

The Digest - June 4
  • Why fat-adapted athletes have a much easier time dropping weight.
  • New study as further proof of link between gluten and inflammation in people without Celiac.
  • Consumption of high fructose corn syrup (soft drinks) directly linked to rise in heart disease factors.
  • A 20-year study reveals a link between consumption of certain vegetables and reduction in breast cancer risk.
  • Another study showing that while saturated fat may increase LDL Cholesterol, this has no impact on atherosclerosis.
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The Digest - 31 May - Nutrition Focus

The Digest - 31 May - Nutrition Focus
  • 2 new meds for IBS approved.
  • Sugar content in “healthy children fruits snacks” from the UK scary.
  • A superfood to always include in your diet.
  • Another study demonstrating (unsurprising) link between insulin resistance and heart disease.
  • Vitamin D added to bread in the UK. Be careful with this one.
  • Eggs vs. oatmeal breakfast on cholesterol, glucose, and inflammation. Who’s your money on?
  • Scientific American: latest science publication to counter-attack Dean Ornish.
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The Digest - May 13

The Digest - May 13
  • Cholesterol drugs may help slow down prostate cancer. Is that a point for or against these drugs?
  • Do you spend your nights naked?
  • Read this before you ever talk to me again!
  • Quick and easy breakfast recipes.
  • Roasted, grilled, or braised, with rosemary, thyme, and roasted potatoes. Yum!
  • Full-fat dairy vindicated once again. Sorry vegans, low-fat people, Paleo people!
  • If you answered yes to question 2 above, read this
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The Digest - May 10

The Digest - May 10
  • Is there anything Vitamin D can't do??
  • When was the last time you took an honest look at your relationships?
  • You should know this if you drink sugary drinks.
  • Iron supplements in pregnant women adversely affect newborn health.
  • This cancerous chemical sprayed on food cannot be washed away. You HAVE to read this one.
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The Digest - April 28

The Digest - April 28
  • Is Bane wearing that mask to improve cardiovascular fitness??
  • Emotional Intelligence is critical for success in today’s world. Learn why and how to develop yours.
  • Entrepreneurs heed this warning: you need to be on top of the “business” aspects of your business if you want to succeed.
  • Pepsi and Coke removing harmful chemicals from their drinks? I had to read it twice to believe it!
  • And what? Chipotle removing genetically modified ingredients?? What is happening???
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The Digest - April 20

  • Paleo diet shown to be superior to ADA diet in improving metabolic markers even in people suffering from “lifestyle diabetes”.
  • Vegetarian diet shown to be superior to standard diet in one aspect – but that’s not the whole story.
  • The most common mistakes I see CEOs as well as entrepreneurs do when managing their businesses.
  • The biggest errors when writing your resume.
  • 68% of people are unhappy at work, but is it their job’s fault?
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The Digest - April 6

  • Study reveals that a high egg diet has no negative effects on blood lipids (cholesterol/triglycerides).
  • Triathlon causes relationship problems, it’s a fact we can’t deny. Do you have to choose?
  • Study shows that higher consumption of nuts associated with lower risk of death.
  • New study reveals that “night owls” are higher risk of weight gain, diabetes, metabolic disorders.
  • New study links consumption of pesticide-laden fruits with lower fertility in men.
  • The world of investing for the long-term is confusing. Here are some easy tips.
  • Are there tools you can learn to stay in control when facing extreme difficulties?  
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The Digest - March 24

  • Dehydration shown to clearly increase levels of perceived fatigue in endurance athletes.
  • New study reveals how gluten can cause weight gain by blocking receptors for the “hunger hormone”.
  • Chemicals in everyday household items are getting into your bloodstream daily.
  • High intensity interval training more beneficial for heart health than moderate cardio.
  • A number of carbs clearly cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Easy mobility drills to mobilize your thoracic spine and get rid of neck/shoulder pain.
  • A “must watch” video.
  • Productivity hack: easy tip to clean your microwave.
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The Digest - March 22

  • A significant portion of men today are testosterone-deficient, giving rise to higher risks of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 
  • The world's first successful penis transplant took place… voila...
  • The media says salt will damage your arteries… take that with a pinch of salt.
  • Treadmill test better predictor of mortality than blood tests.
  • Abdominal exercises shown to be almost useless for weight loss.
  • Exercise without changes to diet will not get you the weight loss results you seek.
  • Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts… The Definitive Guide to Nuts
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