Health & Fitness Digest - Nov 20

Health & Fitness Digest - Nov 20


In today's digest:

  • Why adding an egg to your salad is recommended (no, not just for protein & fat)
  • Skipping carbs at breakfast helps keep blood sugar under control the entire day
  • Adding to your marathon nutrition can improve your performance & recovery
  • Fasting Blood Sugar: a key indicator for heart disease
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SE High Performance Fitness & Nutrition Digest

SE High Performance Fitness & Nutrition Digest

In this week’s digest:

-          Use intermittent fasting for weight loss and numerous health benefits

-          Use cocoa to accelerate muscle recovery after exercise (among other benefits)

-          Sugar-free sports and diet drinks heavily damage teeth

-          Use Ashwagandha for a strong boost in cardiovascular fitness

-          New research shows massive impact of sugar irrespective of the rest of the diet

-          Eat nuts for improvements in cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides

-          Replace diet soda with water for significantly more weight loss

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The Digest - June 4

The Digest - June 4
  • Why fat-adapted athletes have a much easier time dropping weight.
  • New study as further proof of link between gluten and inflammation in people without Celiac.
  • Consumption of high fructose corn syrup (soft drinks) directly linked to rise in heart disease factors.
  • A 20-year study reveals a link between consumption of certain vegetables and reduction in breast cancer risk.
  • Another study showing that while saturated fat may increase LDL Cholesterol, this has no impact on atherosclerosis.
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The Digest - Feb 26

  • Chocolate… chocolate… chocolate...
  • So, someone said you absolutely need to run a 20-miler before your marathon. I don't agree.
  • Traveling in planes teaches you patience, and 14 other skills frequent travelers pick up and apply daily.
  • New large study reveals that we've underestimated mortality risk from smoking. It's shocking...
  • Do electrolytes affect your half-ironman performance and recovery?
  • Glutathione shown to boost athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue and improving fat burning.
  • Schools in France serve steak, cheese, veg & fruit, in the US popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, and cookies… An interesting global comparison of school meals.
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