Who am I?

My name is Tony Hchaime.

For years, I struggled to achieve a high level of performance in various aspects of my life, and it drove me mad!

I would excel in one area (career) at the expense of another (family).

I would focus on getting fit (triathlon) at the expense of relationships.

I was unhappy, frustrated, and unfulfilled.

I used to be 20kg overweight.

I used to be broke (3 times).

I used to be terrible at relationships.

I used to have no "direction" in life.

I then discovered the world of "high performance", and spent 4 years studying and experimenting with every technique and methodology out there.

I reached a point where I was able to operate at a high level in EVERY aspect of my life.

As a husband, entrepreneur, nutrition & biology geek, writer, speaker, coach, investor, Ironman triathlete, and financial advisor, I have had to devise multiple strategies to (i) maintain high energy in all aspects of my life and (ii) perform at my best in each and every one without burning out!

BUT, above all, I see myself as a "teacher", and so my mission is to pass on all of that knowledge to YOU, so that YOU can perform at your best in EVERY aspect of your life!

So drop me a note and let your journey start today!

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What is High Performance?

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We're talking about "human" high performance.

We're talking about being very successful in your career, but not at the expense of your family.

We're talking about becoming healthy and fit, but not at the expense of your relationships.

We're talking about investing in self-development, without neglecting your social life.

High Performance is firing on all cylinders in all aspects of life: family, home, sex, fitness & athletics, career, mind and soul.

I believe that underperforming in "any" of these aspects will lead to feelings of frustration, unfulfillment, unhappiness, and potentially depression and anxiety. 

High Performance Coaching is about learning the cutting-edge techniques to maximize your performance in "life": nutrition manipulation, fitness training, hormonal balance, meditation & mindfulness, productivity hacks, leadership skills, body language, and so much more!

So dont' wait! Reach out to me for an assessment and find out how we can help you get the most out of your life.

Let your journey begin today!