Is your body able to burn fat?

Is your body able to burn fat?

Many of us train hard and diet but struggle to lose fat.
The question is: at a biochemical level, is your body even able to burn fat efficiently?

In this video, I explain why this happens and how you can test whether your body can burn fat efficiently or not.

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The Digest - June 25

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  • This little known but extremely valuable tool in Gmail my just save your relationship!
  • Green tea can make you gain weight!?
  • How comfortable are you with consuming genetically modified foods?
  • An INSEAD & Harvard professor develops a tool to help you chose the right career path.
  • Be careful with doing pushups on your knees: you may be risking injury.
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The Digest - April 6

  • Study reveals that a high egg diet has no negative effects on blood lipids (cholesterol/triglycerides).
  • Triathlon causes relationship problems, it’s a fact we can’t deny. Do you have to choose?
  • Study shows that higher consumption of nuts associated with lower risk of death.
  • New study reveals that “night owls” are higher risk of weight gain, diabetes, metabolic disorders.
  • New study links consumption of pesticide-laden fruits with lower fertility in men.
  • The world of investing for the long-term is confusing. Here are some easy tips.
  • Are there tools you can learn to stay in control when facing extreme difficulties?  
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