The Digest - April 23

The Digest - April 23
  • I’m stuck in a high-rise and chained to a chair, and I need to do something about it.
  • Apparently I’m a “thrill seeker” because I like Siracha sauce. Hey that’s what science says!
  • Exercise will not help you lose weight… it’s not that simple.
  • Want to attract angel investors? You need to have these attributes.
  • Air quality in most gyms potentially toxic.
  • A reminder about something I always remind you to remember.
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The Digest - March 24

  • Dehydration shown to clearly increase levels of perceived fatigue in endurance athletes.
  • New study reveals how gluten can cause weight gain by blocking receptors for the “hunger hormone”.
  • Chemicals in everyday household items are getting into your bloodstream daily.
  • High intensity interval training more beneficial for heart health than moderate cardio.
  • A number of carbs clearly cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Easy mobility drills to mobilize your thoracic spine and get rid of neck/shoulder pain.
  • A “must watch” video.
  • Productivity hack: easy tip to clean your microwave.
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