high performance coaching

CEOs, entrepreneurs, and anyone who refuses to settle in any aspect of their life:

This is what my mission is all about: helping you get the best out of yourself in every aspect of your life: health, relationships, career, motivation, entrepreneurship, leadership and much more.

Just like with everything else I do, High Performance Coaching is based on teaching you science-based tools and skills (not generic advice) to take your performance in "life" to your fullest potential.

At the moment, I'm only taking one-on-one coaching clients (if interested, please contact me).

However I'm working on some fantastic new High Performance courses designed to walk you through a 3-month process to completely transform your life! 

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performance consulting

Nutrition, Recovery and Performance Consulting for Sports Teams and Federations

Science-based advice to improve sport performance based on the latest evidence-based research:

  • Optimise nutrition strategies for Performance

  • Optimise nutrition strategies for recovery & stress management

  • Tools & techniques to maximise recovery

  • and more.

For inquiries, please contact us.

Endurance Training plans

Are you keen on training for a marathon or half ironman triathlon but don’t have the time to train 10+ hours every week?

Are you keen on achieving your objectives in endurance sports without sacrificing career, family, or sleep?

All my plans are sport-science based and designed to provide you “quality” over “quantity” training.

All my plans have been tested over a number of years with multiple athletes from beginners all the way to world championship level athletes.

All endurance training plans are offered through Trainingpeaks and can be found by clicking here.

Available plans:

  • Executive Marathon Plan (20 weeks)

  • Triathlon Development (16 weeks), with or without nutrition guidance

  • Half Ironman Build Plan (12 weeks), beginner and intermediate levels, with or without nutrition guidance.