My post-workout rockstar green smoothie!

My post-workout rockstar green smoothie!

My post-workout rockstar smoothie!

In this video:
- What goes into my smoothie any why.
- Basics of post-workout recovery.
- Tips on how to preserve ingredients.

List of ingredients:
- Greens: spinach, watercress, cucumber, celery.
- Nuts: walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts.
- Seeds & misc: Chia seeds, macca root, Goji berries, olives, evoo, zaatar, oil of oregano, glutamine.
- Spices: cinnamon, cayenne pepper, pink sea salt, beetroot powder, ginger powder, lemon powder.
- Superfood: Spirulina.
- Liquids: lemon juice, ice and water.

Adjust to taste.

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The Digest - May 25

The Digest - May 25
  • A Swedish family goes “all organic” for 2 weeks with stunning results.
  • I’m not Paleo, but I recommend Paleo to many, here’s why.
  • This mistake always kills an entrepreneur.
  • Skills I learned as an athlete help me at work. Learn to do the same.       
  • Learn to control the room!
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The Digest - May 13

The Digest - May 13
  • Cholesterol drugs may help slow down prostate cancer. Is that a point for or against these drugs?
  • Do you spend your nights naked?
  • Read this before you ever talk to me again!
  • Quick and easy breakfast recipes.
  • Roasted, grilled, or braised, with rosemary, thyme, and roasted potatoes. Yum!
  • Full-fat dairy vindicated once again. Sorry vegans, low-fat people, Paleo people!
  • If you answered yes to question 2 above, read this
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The Digest - April 20

  • Paleo diet shown to be superior to ADA diet in improving metabolic markers even in people suffering from “lifestyle diabetes”.
  • Vegetarian diet shown to be superior to standard diet in one aspect – but that’s not the whole story.
  • The most common mistakes I see CEOs as well as entrepreneurs do when managing their businesses.
  • The biggest errors when writing your resume.
  • 68% of people are unhappy at work, but is it their job’s fault?
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The Digest - March 26

  • The first ever major statistic review reveals that adherence to the USDA dietary guidelines is linked to dramatic rise in obesity.
  • Thinking of buying a “jogging stroller”? Here are some suggestions.
  • Insight into hydration for hot weather endurance training.
  • Most common posture problems causing you all sorts of pains and niggles and how to fix them.
  • Another punch in the gut for antibiotics: linked to increased risk of Type II Diabetes.
  • All you need to know about “seeds”.
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The Digest - Feb 23

  • Can probiotics help with weight loss / weight gain?
  • Study confirms that certain foods actively increase inflammation, triggering an immune response with various adverse complications.
  • A cheap, convenient and reasonably accurate way to test lactate threshold for endurance athletes.
  • Stress made simple: an easy-to-read article on how stress affects your thyroid and why your conventional doctor wouldn't even know where to look.
  • Another study on Sudden Cardiac Death in athletes: most victims had "normal" hearts and pre-screening would not have saved them.


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