The first health & fitness digest for 2016!

The first health & fitness digest for 2016!

In the first digest of 2016: 

  • Study reveals that the less children sleep the fatter they get
  • Clear evidence that nuts reduce risk of mortality
  • Dark chocolate will make you stronger on the bike!
  • Antidepressants during pregnancy significantly increase risk of child autism
  • If you want to get smarter, then focus on HIT
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The Digest - June 4

The Digest - June 4
  • Why fat-adapted athletes have a much easier time dropping weight.
  • New study as further proof of link between gluten and inflammation in people without Celiac.
  • Consumption of high fructose corn syrup (soft drinks) directly linked to rise in heart disease factors.
  • A 20-year study reveals a link between consumption of certain vegetables and reduction in breast cancer risk.
  • Another study showing that while saturated fat may increase LDL Cholesterol, this has no impact on atherosclerosis.
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The Digest - April 20

  • Paleo diet shown to be superior to ADA diet in improving metabolic markers even in people suffering from “lifestyle diabetes”.
  • Vegetarian diet shown to be superior to standard diet in one aspect – but that’s not the whole story.
  • The most common mistakes I see CEOs as well as entrepreneurs do when managing their businesses.
  • The biggest errors when writing your resume.
  • 68% of people are unhappy at work, but is it their job’s fault?
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The Digest - March 24

  • Dehydration shown to clearly increase levels of perceived fatigue in endurance athletes.
  • New study reveals how gluten can cause weight gain by blocking receptors for the “hunger hormone”.
  • Chemicals in everyday household items are getting into your bloodstream daily.
  • High intensity interval training more beneficial for heart health than moderate cardio.
  • A number of carbs clearly cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Easy mobility drills to mobilize your thoracic spine and get rid of neck/shoulder pain.
  • A “must watch” video.
  • Productivity hack: easy tip to clean your microwave.
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The Digest - March 9

  • The richest people share a surprisingly high number of common habits which are easy to adopt.
  • Cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) found to significantly increase risk of diabetes.
  • A list of the most potent herbs to combat inflammation.
  • Study shows that a low-fat diet causes more weight loss. Or does it?
  • Make these modifications to your hip flexor stretch to take it to the next level.
  • Applying for a new job? Fine-tune your resume with these tips.
  • Some weight-loss surgery patients struggle to lose weight because of their gut microbiome.
  • Study shows that 30min of missed sleep causes weight-gain.
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The Digest - Feb 10

  • Eat Roquefort cheese to live longer!
  • Study shows increase in LDL from processed diary. How to read into it.
  • Foods targeted towers 1-3-year olds found to contain excessive salt and sugar.
  • Athletes take note: your shoulder strength is directly impacted by your core strength.
  • Goat! Goat! Goat!
  • American Idol affects your sperm count!


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The Digest - Feb 8

  • Norwegians with existing heart disease ate saturated fat... what happened to them 5 years down the road?
  • General Mills and Nestle fund a study to test the effects of whole grains on your health. The results probably surprised them...
  • Did a ketogenic diet fail for you? If so, are you a victim of common mistakes for people eating "keto"?
  • Hey Lance, forget EPO... have you heard of Heliox? No, no no, not the God of the Sun, that's Helios!
  • Women delivering via C-section experience vaginal pain for up to 1.5 years post-partum.
  • Don't ignore the frozen section in the supermarket, it might be healthier for you than the fruits & veg section!
  • Crossfit athletes have more sex, apparently... 


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