high performance coaching

CEOs, entrepreneurs, and anyone who refuses to settle in any aspect of their life:

This is what my mission is all about: helping you get the best out of yourself in every aspect of your life: health, relationships, career, motivation, entrepreneurship, leadership and much more.

Just like with everything else I do, High Performance Coaching is based on teaching you science-based tools and skills (not generic advice) to take your performance in "life" to your fullest potential.

At the moment, I'm only taking one-on-one coaching clients (if interested, please contact me).

However I'm working on some fantastic new High Performance courses designed to walk you through a 3-month process to completely transform your life! 

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The team is full at the moment and I am not taking on new athletes - my sincere apologies.

If you're interested in marathon coaching, please see the Executive Marathon Training Plan on this page, which is based on all the science-based principles I use with my 1-on-1 coaching athletes.

Endurance Training plans

Executive Marathon Training Plan

A science-based and minimalist 5-month marathon training plan catering to busy athletes of all levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced).

The plan follows the "quality over quantity" philosophy I've put in practice with top-level athletes.

Such a plan allows you to get ready for a marathon without sacrificing sleep, career or family.

Athletes following similar plans I've created have performed competitively at Ironman races on less than 10 hours of training per week (vs 15-20hrs for a typical Ironman training plan).

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(more training plans coming soon)