Health & Fitness Digest - 9 November

Health & Fitness Digest - 9 November

In today's post:

  • Omega 3 is a powerful way to fight heart disease, but is there a difference between animal vs. plant-based Omega 3?
  • Can a glass of red wine prolong life?
  • An EXCELLENT article on why going vegan works for some but not others
  • FDA discovers Glyphosate in baby food
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The Digest - Feb 10

  • Eat Roquefort cheese to live longer!
  • Study shows increase in LDL from processed diary. How to read into it.
  • Foods targeted towers 1-3-year olds found to contain excessive salt and sugar.
  • Athletes take note: your shoulder strength is directly impacted by your core strength.
  • Goat! Goat! Goat!
  • American Idol affects your sperm count!


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