How far are you from that bear?

The "bear" is often used in psychology and physiology as a symbol of a "threat you need to run away from".
When you come face- to-face with a bear, I can imagine 3 scenarios unfolding:
Scenario 1: you're clueless about your own running limits, so you sprint link a maniac while the bear is still far in the distance. You get exhausted pretty quickly while the bear slowly makes his way towards you, closing the gap: lunch. 
Scenario 2: you're still clueless about your own running limits, but this time you're cocky and arrogant, and you wait and wait until you can see the white of the bear's eyes. But then as you start running (again like a maniac), you realize you left it too late: lunch. 
Scenario 3: you've tested your limits numerous times in the past. You know exactly what your running abilities are. You time it perfectly and pace your running well to make it to the safety of your cabin: no lunch.
What I'm getting at here is this: the vast majority of people today live in the "comfort zone". Their limits (mental and physical) are almost never tested. Can you honestly say that you know where your limits are?
One of the major reasons why extreme endurance sports (Ironman triathlons and ultramarathons) are exploding in popularity all over the world is because they provide an almost perfect ecosystem for people to test their physical and (much more so) mental strength.
That is something we humans are "designed" to do which most of us have just stopped doing. It's like having a Ferrari and just driving it to the shops, its engine eventually starts to degrade.
There is a reason why the vast majority of amateur (male & female) ironman triathletes and marathoners are A-type overachievers in ALL aspects of their lives.
Nothing will test your character like training for and completing a major endurance event.

I can't even count the "life lessons" I've personally drawn from my love of endurance sports, and I see it every day with "newbies" dipping their toes into this amazing world.
Time for you to also dip those toes in...
Tony H
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