50% discount off my custom-made marathon plan!

I am offering the first 100 "New" SE Newsletter Subscribers a 50% discount off my custom-made marathon plan!

This is a 20-week plan I've developed based on the same cutting edge sport science principles I use with all athletes I work with.  

It's designed with a "quality over quantity" mindset, with far fewer hours of training compared to traditional plans, but is much more effective. It allows you to train for a marathon without wrecking your body, sleep, marriage or social life (well, at least not completely!).

It is also designed for 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced

It includes run training in addition to nutritional guidelinesstrength training, recovery protocols and more. 

As I mentioned, the first 100 new subscribers to the SE Newsletter will get a 50% discount off the plan (normally priced at $99). Once you subscribe to the newsletter, you will automatically receive a coupon code you can enter for your discount.

This offer will expire on 30 September 2015.

You can preview and purchase the plan by clicking on this link.

I will also answer all email questions (relating to training, nutrition, recovery, etc.) from those first 100 people!

Note 1: if you purchase the plan and have less than 20 weeks to your marathon, work backwards from your marathon date and start your training (instead of starting from the beginning of the plan). This is assuming you've been doing some basic training already.

Note 2: the plan is created using Trainingpeaks, the leading software platform for endurance training, with matching iPhone/Android apps, calendar syncing, daily workout email reminders, and so much more.

Happy training.


Tony Hchaimé
High Performance and Wellness Coach