"A goal without a plan is just a wish"

I often get asked about how I'm able to get so much done while having a demanding full-time job.

The answer is: I struggled for a long time, following the common advice to "seek balance"... only to realize that "balance" means compromising on some of your goals, and I refuse to compromise. 

So I went seeking methods and tools to help me become more efficient and effective with my time. 

It took a lot of trial and error, experimentation, and failures... But ultimately I was able to develop systems I personally use (and teach others) on how to live your fullest potential as a human being with no compromise. 

So today, my "demanding full-time job" doesn't stop me from: researching, writing & publishing articles, writing my first book, training, coaching, preparing seminars, getting enough sleep, managing my website, creating new products, investing in start-ups, and of course spending quality time with my supportive wife. 

And guess what: 80% comes from planning. NO! I mean "real" planning. I mean taking a goal and breaking it down into 100 tiny steps, and ticking off 1 or 2 every single day. 

The wall of my home office is covered with project schedules. It gives me a sense of control, perspective, and clarity on next steps. 

Don't ever let "not enough time" be an excuse. 
And #neversettle