Fears and Desires

There are 2 types of people:

Those whose DESIRES are bigger than their FEARS.

Those whose FEARS are bigger than their DESIRES, paralyzing them.

Your state of mind determines where you belong.

I see so many extremely talented people paralyzed and unable to achieve even 50% of their potential.

Some are potential entrepreneurs with amazing ideas, some are junior or mid-level executives at large companies and they have the potential to step out of others' shadows and carve their own path. One thing stops them: FEAR.

And as much as I love old Chinese movies, "facing your fears" isn't exactly a practical solution.

Sure, it may work for certain superficial fears (heights, spiders, monsters under the bed), but you can't just "decide to face your fear of failure".

The only weapon against FEAR is DESIRE.

The only thing more powerful than your FEARS are your DREAMS.

When you make your dream bigger than your fear: you write it down, describe in minute detail, imagine yourself "living that dream", visualizing it every day, several times a day: you're FEEDING your dreams instead of your fears.

You're making your dreams and desires so big, your hunger for them so strong, that fear just shrinks in comparison, and you won't even think about it twice.

You'll just jump in with both feet and make things happen, make your dream happen, make your DESIRES a REALITY.