Never settle


Matthew Syed, author of Bounce, said:

"World class performance comes from striving for a target just out of reach but with vivid awareness of how the gap might be breached. Over time, through constant repetition and deep concentration, the gap will disappear only for a new target to be created just out of reach again". 

There is an item on my "to do list" that never gets marked as "done". Well to be honest, it does but it gets added back again every morning: "challenge yourself". 

I've gotten so used to it that going to bed in the evening not having challenged myself in some manner or another often feels like a wasted day. 

My biggest fear is looking back at the end of the year and not seeing tangible growth in my life, some form of accomplishment. 

I wasn't always like that. 5-8 years ago I was a successfull young investment banker making good money and not caring about much beyond making money and having fun in the process. 

Today though, that money is not an end in itself nor is it a conduit to have fun and let life slide. Today, money is just an enabler: it's what allows me to focus on building and sharing knowledge...

Find your passion for growth and nourish it relentlessly. Never settle.