Starting 2014 with a bang

As I was preparing this post, I heard about yet another bomb in Beirut. My heart goes out to my compatriotes. I'm sick of seeing people blown apart when all they wish for is to provide for their families and live in peace.

But I also know that hope, the Lebanese spirit and joie de vivre have always trumped bombs and bloodshed, as the Christmas and New Year celebrations throughout every part of the country proved once again.

While on my first run of 2014 yesterday morning in Dubai, I was determined to make this new year a better one, and I truly hope that it will be, for every person honestly trying to be a better human being.

And I will start by being more regular with the sport science and nutrition blog posts... in the meantime, some nice photos from yesterday's early morning run.

Starting the run at the Residences, Downtown

Boulder hopping!

Going down...

... going back up...

... and out

I could never make up my mind on whether I like or absolutely despise the Index!!

How can you not be hopeful when your year starts with this...

... and this

People from Nepal are some of my favorite in the world, and this security guard was no exception, honestly great hard working honest people

Incredible how big the art scene in Dubai has become ...

I'm trying not to be judgmental, honest!

There you go, from the man himself...

Can you believe these towers are considered

"old" in the new Dubai!

They said: you can't grow flowers in the sand!!! (yes this is really sand!),

and Dubai gave the usual answer to every "impossibility"

I would rather get a Zipp disc wheel for my bike! I know, crazy right?

You want to test the strength of your will? See this at the end of your long fasted run!

Hope you all have a wonderful 2014