Is having a "small drink" risky during pregnancy?

Some doctors will tell you that drinking while pregnant is harmful, others will tell you to abstain completely, and some will tell you to drink “moderately”.

The science is not yet clear-cut when it comes to the impact of “moderate drinking” during pregnancy on the health of the baby. We do know that drinking excessively has significant negative effects, but what we still don’t know is whether “moderate” drinking has such effects.

This new study revealed some interesting data: the scientists in this study took pictures of babies of mothers who drank “a small amount” during pregnancy and compared them (using advanced computer software) to those from mothers who completely abstained from drinking during pregnancy.

The study showed that there were “differences in the faces of babies whose mothers had drunk alcohol compared with those whose mothers hadn’t. These included a slightly shorter, more-upturned nose”.

The study did not draw any conclusions on whether these changes affect the health of the baby, however. More research still needs to be done.

In my mind: the fact that even a “little drink” has an effect on the bone structure of the baby’s face is cause enough for me to recommend complete abstention.

In addition, (and as this article states), we just don’t know what a “safe” threshold is, which is why I recommend a “better safe than sorry” approach.