This is a fully holistic coaching package designed to target several key areas of your current lifestyle.  Sustainable modifications which are specific to your goals will be phased into your daily routine, to ensure that within only  a few months, you are well on your way to reaching your true potential.  We view wellness coaching as a way of guiding you through a lifestyle change. This is NOT a 6 week diet plan! We we equip you with tools and a whole new way of thinking to see these small changes become a part of the new you. We guarantee, you'll be happier for it!  

The content of the package will depend on your goals, aspirations and level of commitment, and therefore priced accordingly. For instance, our competition athletes require a different intensity of coaching compared to individuals who are looking to improve their overall health and well-being. Whatever your starting point, we have the package for you! We target key aspects of nutrition, exercise, recovery, sleep, amongst others to optimize your performance. This coaching package can even be adapted to non-exercisers who are looking to improve a chronic disease state, such as diabetes, or heart disease. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements, allowing us to tailor a package to suit YOU!


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