Think of your health, family, career, and athletic achievements as four balls you're constantly juggling.

Career and fitness are made of rubber: if you drop them, they'll bounce back.

Health and family are made of glass: you drop them once, they might get chipped. You drop them again, they might shatter and cannot be put back together.  

We will teach you how to achieve that balance. We will show you that becoming healthy does not mean sacrificing family or career, and neither will athletic achievement.

We will teach you techniques in time & stress management, specificity and prioritization.



Self-Motivation & Fun

What do you think requires more motivation: dragging yourself to the gym to punish yourself for that burger you ate or meeting some friends for a game of beach volleyball, a game of tennis, or riding your bikes?

The fittest "and best looking" people in the world are athletes who are driven primarily by a love for the sport, not people who work out in the gym for the purpose of losing weight.

We will help you find an activity you are naturally driven to and which will get you in shape, never having to force yourself again... let's start having some fun!



"Anything that requires discipline is bound to fail in the long run for most people" believes coach T.

Most of us lead hectic urban-based lives, juggling family, social and career obligations, consuming tremendous mental energy, leaving little left to maintain discipline for fitness or nutrition.

Anything that forces you to follow rigid rules will only work when unchallenged by the demands of life.

We will teach you how to gradually make small incremental changes which require little discipline, but which over time will result in a complete overhaul of the way you live. Your new life will become second nature, normal, effortless.