Whether you are a triathlete, runner, swimmer or cyclist, we are here to help with the endurance package. Currently, this package is only available for athletes based within the United Arab Emirates because we like to be able to evaluate you in person from time to time. Following an in depth initial consultation, we will formulate a training plan based on your current level of ability and your training goals. This is not simply a "copy and paste style training plan".This is not simply a "copy and paste style training plan". You will receive a specific periodized training plan which will be analysed and reviewed on a weekly basis, which will see you reach "peak fitness" in line with your racing or competition goals. You will receive full coaching from one of our team, which will cover areas such as: technique, proper biomechanics, injury prevention, recovery protocols, training and racing nutrition, stress management, work/life balance; and a whole lot more! You will have 24/7 access to your assigned coach via email, what's app, carrier pigeon, whatever, to address any issues or questions that might arise. If you are based within the UAE and you would like to train with us in person, on a weekly basis, contact us to discuss becoming a member of Team System Endurance.


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