The Digest - June 25

  • What highly successful entrepreneurs wish they had done differently. Learn from them.
  • This little known but extremely valuable tool in Gmail my just save your relationship!
  • Green tea can make you gain weight!?
  • How comfortable are you with consuming genetically modified foods?
  • An INSEAD & Harvard professor develops a tool to help you chose the right career path.
  • Be careful with doing pushups on your knees: you may be risking injury.
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The Digest - March 5

The Digest - March 5
  • Use of saunas linked to lower risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • Ketogenic diets shown to improve body composition, blood lipids, and performance in trained cyclists.
  • Fluoride in public water supply linked to under active thyroid in women.
  • Many successful entrepreneurs didn't start till later in life. It's never too late...
  • Unmetabolized folic acid from supplements & food accumulates in the body and does serious harm.
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The Digest - Feb 23

  • Can probiotics help with weight loss / weight gain?
  • Study confirms that certain foods actively increase inflammation, triggering an immune response with various adverse complications.
  • A cheap, convenient and reasonably accurate way to test lactate threshold for endurance athletes.
  • Stress made simple: an easy-to-read article on how stress affects your thyroid and why your conventional doctor wouldn't even know where to look.
  • Another study on Sudden Cardiac Death in athletes: most victims had "normal" hearts and pre-screening would not have saved them.


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The Digest - Feb 17

  • "True isolation" is something we never experience and is reported to be terrifying. An arctic explorer shares her experiences with isolation.
  • I'm ranting about the importance of proper core training… again...
  • Why apparently "thin" people are suffering heart attacks and strokes.
  • More evidence linking Hormone Replacement Therapy to cancer in women.
  • Pre-workout supplement shown to have no beneficial effects on performance or recovery.
  • Enzymatic evidence explaining why soy protein is so inferior to whey for muscle building.
  • More evidence showing how common household items are causing early menopause.
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