The Digest - May 3

The Digest - May 3
  • Another one bows to public pressure.
  • This food item takes only five days to do serious damage to your body.
  • Maybe I should open a restaurant just to sell bottled water.
  • For the n’th time: the glycemic index is obsolete!
  • Asia is facing high diabetes and heart disease. Is rice to blame?
  • If your building is on fire, why would you turn away firefighters??
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The Digest - April 12

  • The inflammatory index of a particular food has a higher impact on your weight than the food's nutrient contents or calories.
  • McDonalds targets children with ads for "healthy meals". The impact isn't what you might expect.
  • Rose hip extract shown to have a significant beneficial effect on weight loss.
  • WHO links common herbicide to increased risk of cancer.
  • 5 "must read" books if you're interested in boosting your productivity.
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