New study sheds disturbing facts about kids vaping

What if a child has always hated cigarettes?

She doesn’t like the smell of them, perhaps hates how her home smells when her parents smoke, and vowed to never touch a cigarette.

What if this child gets convinced by friends to try an electronic cigarette (vaping pen)?

After all, “vaping” have been portrayed as “safe” by the media and massive marketing campaigns.

Well according to a new piece of research, this child (who never wanted to smoke cigarettes) is now 850% MORE LIKELY TO SMOKE REAL CIGARETTES! 850%!!!

Yes, that’s right: the study, which followed over 6,000 kids aged between 12 and 15, discovered that kids who had NO interest in smoking became MUCH more likely to smoke (cigarettes) after experimenting with vaping.

This happens partly because (according to another piece of research), most kids are not aware that vaping pens / e-cigarettes contain the same addictive substances as tobacco.

Link to article containing latest research.

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