How do you measure success?

People often ask me: “how do you measure success”? “What is success”?

I’ve thought about this a lot.

I’ve been a student of “human high performance” for years now.

I’ve read dozens of biographies of “successful” people, analysed their habits, strategies, thoughts and philosophies.

I’ve delved into countless research studies about success, and distilled the “essence” of what it takes to be considered successful, and developed a list of strategies and tools which I can apply and teach.

And I often say that to be truly successful (and happy), you need to operate at a high level in EVERY area of your life, not just one area.

You need to score high in health, fitness, personal relationships, professional network, career, personal finance, self development, a sense of purpose.

But at the end of the day, the more I ponder this the more I realise the following:

The best measure of success is:

  1. What people will say about you: 5, 10, 20 years from now. How will you be remembered?

  2. How many times did you show up? How many times did you show up when you were needed, whether people asked you for help or not?

That’s it! It all comes down to this.

If you focus your long-term objectives on achieving these 2 goals, all the rest consists of strategies and tactics to get there.

In order to be ready to “show up”: you need to be healthy, fit, and financially stable.

In order for people to remember you positively: you need to be good at relationships and having a strong sense of purpose.

So focus on these 2 objectives and you will find happiness along the way.

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