"Diet Soda" results in doubling of risk of blindness in diabetics

This is what a new study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology revealed.

The study looked at people with Type I Diabetes, and compared those who drank "diet soda" to those who drank "regular soda".

Obviously, diabetics should not be drinking "regular soda" due to the high sugar content, no one needs to be told that.

However many diabetics replace regular soda with "Diet" soda, sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as Aspartane, sucralose, and others.

What this study revealed is that the consumption of more than 4 cans of diet soda per week results in a two-fold (2x) increase in risk of blindness among diabetics, REGARDLESS of how long they've been sick, if they smoke or not, and their BMI (how overweight they are).

I've written extensively in the past about the strong evidence of the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners on health, metabolism, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, etc. However this is the first time I come across a study which shows an increased risk of blindness.

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