Does Wifi affect your health?

Does too much WiFi exposure cause health issues?

This is what this latest review from the Journal of Environmental Research aimed to answer when reviewing existing studies on WiFi and EMF (electromagnetic frequency exposure).

We're talking here specifically about "artificial EMF".

Natural EMF is emitted by our solar system and the magnetic polarity of our planet (our planet is like a magnet, which is why the needle of a compass points towards the North Pole).

Artificial EMF are a different matter however. These are emitted by electrical power lines (both on the streets as well as lines inside buildings).

Artificial EMF can also be found modern airplanes, office & residential buildings with lots of WiFi connections, some electric cars, industrial sites, etc.

Various studies have discovered that exposure to Artificial EMF causes changes in how our cells function.

For example, they trigger the activation of something called "calcium channels" in the membrane (wall) of our cells.

These calcium channels act like an on/off switch for our cells. So when they're activated, it's like someone outside your house controlling the lights inside your house, and switching them on and off without your control.

This has been linked to a number of health issues, including: apoptosis (cell death), sperm/testicular damage, DNA damage, endocrine (hormonal) changes and more.

So where does WiFi sit in this whole equation?

The evidence is not clear. Some studies have shown that WiFi has similar effects (because it is a form of artificial EMF) and other studies have shown that it doesn't.

The studies which have shown that WiFi is "safe" have been critisized for being "too small" and "not rigorous" or long enough to show whether there is an effect or not.

My view is as follows:

- EMF has beens shown to be harmful

- Wifi is a form of EMF

- Therefore: try to limit exposure as much as you can; and

- Take measures to protect yourself


What I do / recommend that you do:

- Switch off Wifi at home when not using it, especially in the bedroom

- ALWAYS put your phone in airplane mode if next to you at night

- Take a high quality Glutathione & CoQ10 when flying for long hours (to help your body fight those effects)

- Keep your phone out of your pockets!

If you're interested in reading more.