Key findings from one of the largest studies on life expectancy

One of the largest studies on lifespan and mortality has just been published.

I’ll write up a full report (and video) on key findings soon.

Here’s a glimpse at a part of it:

**The top expected causes of death and how they are expected to change between 2016 and 2040:**

- Heart disease is No 1 in 2016 and remains No 1 in 2040.

- Stroke is No 2 in 2016 and remains No 2 in 2040.

This is actually good news: because both of these diseases are avoidable through diet and exercise changes!

- Road injuries are expected to drop from No 5 (2016) to No 8 (2040), mainly driven by advances in technology (such as AI & self-driving cars).

- Diabetes to climb from 15th now to 7th. That’s to be expected, but the good news is that it can easily be prevented with diet and exercise.

The concern is food scarcity: as global demand for food goes up, consumption of carbs goes up because they are the cheapest to produce, further raising risks of diabetes.

- All forms of cancer will climb (unfortunately) due to a combination of factors, including lifestyle (diet / exercise), chemicals (preservatives, pesticides, pollutants).

- As will Alzheimer, expected to climb from 18th to 6th!

- Deaths from diseases linked to poverty (Malaria, Diarrhoeal, preterm, tuberculosis, congenital defects, HIV) will all fall, which is amazing news.

More (+my analysis / interpretation) to come…

Link to full study: 

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