New study: Curcumin impact on cancer growth

Research in the past few years has provided evidence that chronic inflammation is probably linked to the development of cancerous tumors in humans (in addition to causing a number of other disorders, including heart disease, diabetes, and others).

Curcumin (the active compound in Turmeric) is a well-known anti-oxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory properties (which is why I include it when working with athletes & people under severe stress).

This new study from University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli in Italy provided strong evidence of the beneficial effects of Curcumin on cancer growth.

In this study, patients suffering from NF1 (a genetic mutation which leads to cancer tumors in the nervous system) were split into 3 groups:

Group 1: on a regular “western” diet

Group 2: on a Mediterranean diet

Group 3: on a Mediterranean diet + 1200mg of Curcumin per day.

The results were really interesting: after 6 months, the patients in Group 3 (the Curcumin group) saw a “significant reduction in the number and volume of cutaneous neurofibromas”, which are the early indication of tumors.

Neither Group 1 nor Group 2 saw such benefits.

This study further strengthens my positive opinion of Curcumin, which I’ve always included as a key supplement in my Supplement Guide.

Tip: remember that Curcumin on its own is very poorly absorbed by our digestive system, which is why you should always buy a Curcumin supplement that contains black pepper (often referred to as Piperine on the label) for better absorption.