5 ways to deal with air pollution inside your house

Did you know that air quality inside your house/office is WORSE than air quality outside?!

Air pollution is one of the top causes of dysfunction in the human body.

"unclean" air has been linked to a variety of issues, including cancer, hormonal imbalances (leading to weight gain), digestive issues, skin issues, and many more.

We often think of "polluted air" as the one "outside" our home or office.

But in fact, the air inside is FAR MORE polluted than the air outside: the air inside comes from outside, then is FURTHER polluted by toxic mould and chemicals from air conditioning units, humid walls, paint, cooking fumes, gas fumes, and more.

And because the air inside does not circulate as well as air outside, the concentration of pollutants becomes a LOT WORSE!

Here is what I do:

1. Ventilate the house as often as possible

I make sure that whenever possible (for e.g not in the Dubai summer!) I open up windows and doors on opposite sides of the house daily to get the air circulating.

Circulating air also helps "dry up" the humidity, which reduces chances of toxic mould growing behind walls and in A/C units.

2. Spend enough time in fresh air daily

I will either go out for a run, bike, swim, or long walk outdoors every day of at least 45min. Being outdoors combined with an elevated breathing rate (because of exercise) helps cleanse the lungs and body from toxins.

At the office, I make it a point to get out every couple of hours and go for a walk outdoors.

3. Install air purifiers (including certain plants) in the house

We have 2 "large" air purifiers in the house: one in the upstairs bedrooms area, and one downstairs. Make sure your air purifier has a HEPA Filter as well.

I have a small one at the office, and I use plants with special "air cleaning qualities".

4. Get the house checked for toxic mould / air quality

Every year, I get a specialized company to come in and check the air quality of the house, and check especially for toxic mould: a common occurrence in humid places.

I also get the A/Cs checked on a regular basis since they are a common source of toxic mould.


I try to "get out of the city" at least once a month and spend time in a mountainous area with lots of evergreen trees.

Areas with high concentration of trees (especially evergreens) will have much cleaner air, and will give your body a chance to repair and detox itself without having to deal with a flood of new toxins all the time.

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