My 12 favourite & "go to" podcasts

I often get messages asking me about the podcasts I listen to, so I thought I would write this post listing all the major ones.

I almost never listen to music (unless a specific type of workout requires it or when I’m writing).

I’m always listening to podcasts or audiobooks, especially during my commutes.

I chose a selection of podcasts based on areas I want to boost my knowledge in.

Broadly, there are 2 categories:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Self-Development

(numbers reflect rank / personal preference as of Feb 2017)

NOTE: I have included links to itunes. For those on non-Apple devices, most of these podcasts would be available on alternative apps like Stitcher and Overcast (I personally use Overcast on an iPhone and I prefer it to the native podcast app).

Health & Fitness

1. Found My Fitness (Dr. Rhonda Patrick)

My favourite health & fitness podcast of all time. The level of in-depth science, research and the quality of the guests are phenomenal!

Dr. Patrick discusses a wide variety of topics, ranking from sport nutrition, cancer, longevity/aging, depression and more.

Special Consideration: this podcast is rather “sciency” and may not be enjoyed by those who are seeking advice without delving into biology and biochemistry.


2. The Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast (Ben Greenfield)

I’ve been a listener for years and I consider Ben to be the most knowledgeable professional I know in terms of sports performance and sports nutrition.

If you’re looking for that extra edge in endurance or power sports, then you stand to benefit from listening in to Ben’s podcast.

Special Consideration: pick and choose episodes based on your personal goals. Ben covers a wide variety of topics, some of which may not be relevant for most people (e.g. psychedelics, biohacking, etc.)


3. Bulletproof Radio (Dave Asprey)

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m a fan, with some reservations.

I subscribe to Dave’s overall philosophy: extending life through better living by science, with a goal of living past 100 while maintaining a high quality of life.

However, I have to stay that I don’t subscribe to some of the methods promoted and the “product marketing” part can be a bit too much.

Special Consideration: keep an open mind and pick and choose advice based on what makes common sense to you.


4. Superhuman Radio (Carl Lanore)

I’m a fan (and I think) friend of Carl’s, and I fully subscribe to his message: fighting big pharma, the FDA, the food industry and out-dated medical practitioners in an effort to help people live better lives.

He often interviews the authors publishing the latest research in human sciences and discusses their practical application in our daily lives.

Special Consideration: There is somewhat of an emphasis on the “muscle building” aspect of fitness, which may or may not appeal to everyone. Then again, there are plenty of episodes which tackle fitness in general as well as health, disease prevention and longevity, so pick and choose per your preference.


5. Nature Podcast (Nature Magazine)

Nature Magazine is probably the most respected science magazine in existence (and that existence is over 100 years old!).

I look to this podcast to hear directly from scientists discussing the latest research in a variety of fields, including medicine, genetics, biology, nutrition, physics and more.

Special Consideration: it’s pretty technical so not for everyone. Some topics may not be of interest (e.g. quantum physics) so choose episodes based on your field of interest.


6. Revolution Health Radio (Chris Kresser)

Chris is one of the most well-known and respected functional medicine practitioners in the US, and I hold his knowledge in very high regard.

I used to find tremendous value in Chris’ podcast, however the change in format from a few months ago has left me a bit disappointed: the new format focuses on addressing a single question/topic in-depth per episode.

Since episodes are infrequent and not all topics are of interest to me, I have tended to skip more than a few recently.

Special Consideration: go through the episodes and download only the ones with a topic you seek to learn more about (e.g. link between diet and autism). Episodes tend to be quite technical and so may not appeal to everyone.



1. The Tim Ferris Show (Tim Ferris)

The single best source of “life skills” in my mind is the analysis of successful people. I don’t mean financial successful, but successful in any area of life you seek to improve in: wealth, health, leadership, business, entrepreneurship, relationships, and more.

So what better source to obtain such insight other than Tim Ferris, who’s been able to lure the world’s highest performers to his show and to dissect the drivers of their success. Some of the most high-profile names including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, Peter Thiel, Seth Godin, Jamie Foxx, just to name a few.

Special Consideration: Tim’s interviews are jam-packed but LONG! Some of them go over 2 hours. I don’t mind (if the guest is interesting and I’m learning) but some may be put off by that.


2. The Charged Life (Brendon Burchard)

Brendon is certainly my favorite high performance coach/writer today. I draw a lot of inspiration and learn many tools from him pertaining to areas of interest to me and my teachings, especially in the realms of psychology and neuroscience.

Special Consideration: some of Brendon’s episodes tend to be more on the “motivational speaking” side, which I normally skip. Others are packed with applicable tools and techniques, which I find to be quite valuable.


3. Harvard Business Review (Harvard)

My “go to” podcast for interviews with the most innovative leaders in the field of business.

It is from this podcast that I formulate my views on the fast-changing “secrets for success” in business. It’s refreshing to hear from CEOs of the world’s top companies on how they’re adopting change and adapting to a completely and still changing new world order.


4. Unbeatable Mind (Mark Divine)

Probably the only podcast on my list that’s more “inspiration/motivation” than tools.

I’m a big fan of Mark Divine and have read all of his books. I find his teachings to be of excellent value in developing the right mindset, mental strength and skills to outperform in today’s world.

Nevertheless, many of the conversations on Mark’s podcast tend to be more “high level” for my taste. I still enjoy them and I many cases find them to be inspiration and motivational, I just wish he would delve a bit more into the tools and techniques of success with his guests.


5. Read to Lead (Jeff Brown)

I get many tips for business books from Jeff’s podcast. He interviews the authors of the latest best-selling books in the world of business.


6. The 5 AM Miracle (Jeff Sanders)

Productivity productivity productivity! Productivity is one of the key pillars of my high performance coaching course. Without productivity, we get overwhelmed with our “to do list”. Productivity is the key to becoming more efficient with your time and “getting more done”.

Jeff’s podcast is always jam-packed with tools and tips to boost your productivity. It’s from Jeff that I learned about Nozbe and Evernote a few years ago. I can’t imagine living without them today!


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