How to stop snoozing & wake up with enthusiasm!


How to stop snoozing the alarm and wake up with enthusiasm

Good morning everyone!

It’s hard to wake-up with so much enthusiasm right?

We’ve all experienced it right? We’re deep asleep dreaming about (I don’t know) pizza or sitting on that beach on a beautiful island resort, and then the alarm goes off and we kind of turnover, one eye still closed, and we hit the snooze button saying to ourselves “just five more minutes and I’m going to get out of bed.”

Then the alarm goes off again and it feels like only a minute has gone by and you tell yourself “OK, that’s it, last five minutes” and we hit that snooze button again.

We all do this all the time and eventually we roll out of bed and we’re like a diesel engine slowly getting started, warming up and eventually we get to our day.

Now picture a different scenario.

Picture that you are sleeping and an alarm goes off, but you know that in an hour someone that you really love and you miss and haven’t seen for such a long time is coming over for breakfast.

You will be jumping out of bed! 

You will not be hitting that snooze button.

Or you’re sleeping and the alarm goes off and you know that in two or three hours you’re getting on a flight to that beautiful beach resort on an island for a five day holiday break.

Again you are not going to hit the snooze button you’re going to get out of bed with energy and enthusiasm because in those two situations you actually have something that you’re looking forward to.

You’re not just getting out of bed to go through a normal course of a regular day.

So why is that important? When we have something to look forward to during the day, and whether that’s something we’re going to experience or whether that’s something we’re going to accomplish, what’s going to happen is that our mind is going to wake up with a different environment: it’s going to wake-up in a way where it actually helps us look forward to that day, wake-up full of energy and full of excitement.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Tonight when you go to bed, I want you to take a piece of paper and write down, just before you sleep, something that you are really looking forward to doing tomorrow.

It doesn’t have to be a holiday; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a something that is an entertainment.

It could be something like: “tomorrow I’m going to go and buy a book” or “tomorrow I’m going to go to the gym for the first time in a week” or “tomorrow I’m going to call two friends I haven’t talked to in a long time.” Or maybe, “I’m going to close a deal” or “I’m going to go and see an investor, I’m an entrepreneur, I’m looking for investors.”

Just write down ONE THING that you are REALLY looking forward to doing tomorrow. The most powerful thing that you’re looking forward to doing tomorrow. Write that down on a piece of paper.

When the alarm goes off in the morning, before you hit that snooze button, grab that piece of paper and READ it.

Read it four or five times because that’s what’s really going to get you out of bed with enthusiasm in the morning looking forward to starting your day. Is it going to work on the first day? It might, it might not, but do it for four or five days and I guarantee you, it’s going to change the way you wake up every morning and the amount of energy and how much you look forward to starting everyday. 

There’s a side benefit to that by the way.

If you write down something that you are looking forward to doing tomorrow or the day after you wake-up every single day, imagine how many things you are going to accomplish every single week.

That’s seven things that are really powerful and are really positive for your life; you’re going to do during one week. That’s seven days. Seven things you are going to do in one week. Over the course of a month you look back and realise; I’ve done twenty-five to thirty very powerful very strong things that have really shifted my life forward significantly. 

All I had to do was write down in the evening, before I go to bed that one thing I’m looking forward to doing in the morning.

So it’s a double whammy. You wake-up with enthusiasm and energy, you don’t hit the snooze button and you actually accomplish something that’s really going to have an impact on your life every single day.

That’s really what high performance is all about.

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