How I dropped my blood sugar level almost instantly

I measure my blood sugar several times a week.

I discovered a while back that I have a high genetic disposition for Type II Diabetes (and a family history to confirm that). 

This means that my blood sugar tends to creep up no matter what I do to keep it down, so I take many precautions.

For a long time, I didn't worry much about it: I'm fit, race in triathlons, eat healthy, etc... However even that isn't enough to keep my blood sugar under control. 

In fact, you would be surprised  how many amateur athletes have high blood sugar (some because of genetics, most because of the sheer amount of sugar they consume from sports drinks, gels and food, thinking that they can "burn it off"). Your body doesn't care about your sporting activities...

Anyway: one of my main struggles has been to keep my morning fasting blood sugar below 90mg/dl (which is something that everyone should be aiming for).

On most days, it's in the mid-80s (depending on what I had for dinner).

On some days (like this morning), it's sky high: above 100mg/dl, which is worrisome. 

Sometimes, high blood sugar can be triggered by mental/emotional stress (which releases cortisol, causing blood sugar to spike), sleep quality/duration, and "burning the candle at both hands". I suspect one or all of the above contributed to my high score this morning.

But guess what else causes high blood sugar: DEHYDRATION

When your body is dehydrated after sleeping for 7 hours in an air-conditioned room, your blood volume drops (less water), glucose concentration rises, and stress levels increase. The air-conditioning dries out the air in the room, and you lose moisture through your breath and skin all night long.

This is why it's a good idea to have a humidifier in your room at night (I bought one and have yet to install it!).

Anyway, back to the picture on this blog post:

The "before" (101mg/dl) is within 5min of waking up.  

The "after" (92mg/dl) is 10min later, after drinking to LARGE glasses of water.

So my blood glucose measurement dropped by almost 10 points simply after rehydrating my body!

Have a great day.