The No1 reason for couples fighting

According to a number of surveys, "money" is the No1 reason behind couples fighting. 

And we are no exception. 

In our personal experience, we came to realize that there are 3 things you can do to avoid being in that "No1" statistic. 

1. At the beginning of every month, spend 1 hour together and agree on a budget for everything, including household, entertainment, utilities, personal, family, groceries, and so on. We use Quicken and MoneyWiz. Always keep it flexible and leave a buffer for unexpected expenses (car trouble, last minute travel, home repairs, etc). 

2. At the end of every month, spend 1 hour together reviewing how you did in the past month. Adjust budget for the next month accordingly. 

3. DO NOT monitor and "point out mistakes" on each other. Let the budgeting and review process highlight the conclusions but do NOT BLAME (not even with your eyes). 

It will take you a few months for this system to work, but if you persist, it will get things under control and minimize the stress and infighting. 

Give the a try. 

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