My 5 rules to responding to attacks

As you begin to reach a higher level of performance in your life, you have to accept the fact that not everyone in your social or business circle is going to be happy for you. 
If your business is picking up, some competitors will take it positively and focus on making further improvements, while others may start acting defensive and try to punch holes in your tires. 
If your love-life is picking up, some of your friends will be genuinely happy for you, while others (close ones) may bear hidden jealousy, surrounding you with negative energy. 
If you lose a lot of weight and become fit and look good, some may applaud you for it, while others may applaud you in public, but question your "weight loss methods" behind your back.
And in today’s world of social media and mass communication, launching attacks is easy, and the temptation to respond is high.
So how should you respond?
Rule #1: you have a finite amount of energy in your day: so let the "attacker" spend his/her energy on trivial matters and focus yours on excelling!
Rule #2: never respond with words! Let your actions speak: doubters will continue to exist, and if your actions don't convince them, don't fret - you don't need shaky supporters when you can develop loyalty elsewhere.
Rule #3: there is no "key opinion". Don't ever think that there is a specific person whose opinion matters more than everyone else's.
Rule #4: let them come to you! Whether it's media or clients, perform at your best, show results, and let them come to you. This doesn't just make you more confident, it shows respect towards other people's opinions: you're not trying to "convince them through arguments", you're adding value and letting them draw their own conclusions. 
Rule #5: step away. Not only is staying close to your attackers exposing you to energy drain and perhaps emotional impact, but the negative energy emanating from such individuals will start affecting your own mood, motivation and drive. Step away and let all that negative energy remain where it emanated from.
Tony H