Guess who’s back! The Health & Nutrition Digest that’s who!

After a couple of months off, the Health & Nutrition Digest is back with a new format and a more practical approach.
I’ll send out the Digests periodically, focusing on things you can do to actually enhance your performance: mental, hormonal, fitness, energy, etc.
So here we go:
Expecting Mothers: increase your protein intake if you don’t want your child to grow up “under-muscled” and “skinny fat”
A new study summarized in this article demonstrated that mothers with less than 10% of calorie intake from protein had offspring which were predominantly “under-muscled” compared to mothers eating more protein. Furthermore, the offspring of those same mothers (<10% protein) had a much higher risk of developing as “skinny fat”: normal weight but high % of fat in their body composition (which, by the way, is what happens to those trying to lose weight by doing endless cardio: they lose the muscle but retain the fat – so they look smaller but “soft”).
Stick to low GL breakfasts if you want your mind to perform well in the next 48 hours (not just on the same day)
I’ve always advocated to keep your breakfast very low in carbs for health, body composition and mental function reasons. A new study summarized in this article demonstrated how the Glycemic Load (GL) of your breakfast not only affects your mental performance during the day, but also your mental performance on the next day, regardless of the GL of your breakfast on that second day!
- Examples of high GL foods: Pasta, rice, potatoes, oatmeal

- Examples of low GL foods: eggs, meats, fish, non-root vegetables, some fruits (Kiwi, berries)
For a good list of GLs, click here.
Make sure your young daughters stay away from artificial sweeteners & caffeinated drinks to avoid triggering early menarche (puberty), which has been linked to a variety of diseases.

A study from Columbia University in New York revealed that caffeinated drinks as well as drinks sweetened with artificial sweeteners are both associated with the onset of early menarche (puberty) in your girls. This has serious health implications as early menarche has been linked with an increased risk for a wide range of chronic diseases.
More evidence that a high-fat diet is better for your heart than a low fat one (the latest in dozens of studies which have changed the world of nutrition)
This Randomized Control Trial (the gold standard of studies) by the University of Copenhagen in Denmark demonstrated that diets with high-fat cheese and high-fat meat diets resulted in higher HDL (good cholesterol) and lower LDL (bad cholesterol) when compared with the high carb diet typically recommended by governments and nutritionists. 
Of course this is not a license to go bring on McD burgers though: as I always say, it all depends on the quality of the food you consume. If you want to get fats from good sources, then focus on grass-fed meats and organic dairy products since most of the commercial meats and dairy products come from cows fed grains, prone to inflammation and pumped with antibiotics and hormones.
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Tony H