Stop burning your fingers!

Imagine this (I would guess) common conversation between 2 parents: 

  • "Don't let him play with matches! He’ll burn his fingers!"

  • "It's ok, that way he'll learn his lesson". 

I don't disagree and sure, it works for children. 
But, when it comes to real life, careers, starting a business, relationships, etc.: do we really have to "burn our fingers" to learn?
I see so many entrepreneurs starting a business (with a great idea for a product) without first learning "how to start a business"!!
I see many working their (ahem) butts off trying to get promoted, without knowing "what it takes to get promoted"!
Writing a resume, a business proposal, a book, a video blog, a diet, a fitness regime, marriage, having children... I could go on and on about things people start on without educating themselves first.
And in today's fast-paced world, not many people get a second chance to get it right, so get it right the first time around!
Unless you're the first person on the planet to do something, chances are that 1000s of people have done it before, 100s of those have done it successfully, and 10s have written books about it. So, why repeat the same mistakes??
Read relevant biographies, read "how to" books, or get a coach who's done both and worked with others like you.
You really don't have to burn your fingers. 
“Old school” says: the only way to learn is by your failures.
“New school” says: the optimal way to learn is from other people’s failures! Why? Because today’s world is so fast-paced that while you’re still learning from your failures, someone has copied your idea, learned from YOUR failures, and is now running with it!
If you're looking to bring your skill level up in a particular part of your personal or professional life, reply to this email or comment below and I'd be happy to provide some suggestions.

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