You'll never get what you want...

... but you will get what you NEED!
And what if you could transform what you WANT to something that you NEED?!
I was having a conversation a few days ago with a friend who wanted to take on a major physical endurance challenge. It's something that requires not only training, time, and commitment, but also some sacrifice on the family front, social life, and a few other areas. 
I've prepared people for such physical challenges before, and the first question I always ask them is: "why do you want to take on such a challenge"?
The answer I'm looking for has NOTHING to do with the actual reason they want to do it: what I'm seeking is whether this challenge is something they WANT or something they NEED.
And 9 times out of 10, I'll tell them: sorry, but I can't prepare you for this event. The reason I say that is because in most cases, they're looking to embark on it because of peer pressure, because it sounds "cool", or because it's a "bucket list" item etc. 
This is fine if you're thinking of doing a 10km run race (or even a marathon). But the magnitude of the commitment and sacrifices needed to embark on a truly long and hard endurance challenge is so large that "unless it's something you can't stop thinking about, something that's on your mind when you wake up and when you go to bed, something you find yourself watching for hours on YouTube ", then it's just "something you want", not "something you NEED"... And "wanting" is not enough to carry you through this hard journey.
It's the same thing in every aspect of your life: starting a family, starting a business, a backpacking trip, starting a fitness regime, etc.
So, start by making a list of everything you "want", then think long and hard and highlight the ones you truly "need", and “WHY”.
We often spend our energy on a mixture of 10 things we "want" and "need", ending up frustrated because we don't accomplish much.
But what if we focus all that energy on the 4 things from those 10 that we absolutely NEED! You have now more than DOUBLED the energy towards things that really matter! 
And guess what, accomplishing these 4 "needs" will give you tons of more energy, raising your productivity and enthusiasm to accomplish much more.
Tony H