What your temper says about you

"He makes me lose it!"

"She made me angry!"

"He made my blood boil!!"

Why is it that we always cast the blame on someone else when we lose our temper. 

No matter what this or that person did, they created a "trigger", but then YOU CHOSE how to react to that trigger. 

I still remember to this day something my father told me when I was 14 years old: "life is a battle of nerves, and the one who controls them better will be the winner". 

I absolutely REFUSE to blame anything or anyone for making me lose my temper. 

I absolutely REFUSE to let anything outside my own mind control what goes on inside my head! I and ONLY I control my actions. 

And if you want to "win" in life, then stop blaming "triggers" for your loss of temper, and have the self-confidence to say "I'm the only one who controls me". 

Tony H