Time management is a waste of time

Forget "time management", the secret to high productivity at work, home and "self" is "energy management". 

I have yet to meet someone who truly "doesn't have time". After some analysis, it always comes down to how this person manages his/her energy.

Your brain and body work like self-charging batteries, they will continue functioning at peak performance as many times as you need them to, but ONLY  if they get the opportunity to recharge themselves on a frequent basis.

Here are some of my top tips for energy management, which allow me to get so much done during the day, balancing "day job", "research", "writing", "coaching", "workouts", and still be "present" when I get home.

  1. Get 8hrs of quality sleep per night.
  2. Schedule your work day with "blocks" of productive time, with “rejuvenating” breaks in between. Rejuvenating breaks are not "wondering around" or "browsing the Internet": focus on deep breathing, meditation, a walk around the block, listen to some music, etc...
  3. Focus focus focus! Don't try to multitask. Don't check your email all the time, but have specific times during the day when you check email, return calls etc.
  4. Plan your week AND plan each day every morning. Make a short list daily of the top 5 things you can do today to advance each of your personal and professional projects and focus on those first.
  5. Hydrate! It's shocking how little water people drink in the work environment when countless studies have shown the severe impact of even mild dehydration on brain function, mood, and effectiveness.

These are some of my top tips but by no means all of them. I've limited the list here to the ones you can implement on your own without the need for coaching.

Furthermore, these 5 tips should help you experience immediate benefits, which certainly helps in maintaining practices and building habits.

Give them a try and let me know if you feel any difference!