Are you awake?

Genius without application is stupidity.

I firmly believe that. Do you agree?

What I mean is this: no matter how smart you are, if you don't make use of that exceptional intellect to create or improve something, then your contribution to the world will be the same - or even less - than someone whose intellect is "inferior" to yours.

Those who know me well have heard my most frequent rant countless times: nothing irritates me as much as seeing someone wasting away their potential!

I look around me and see people on "auto pilot" week after week, going from New Year's Resolution to New Year's Resolution, with a flimsy track record of having achieved anything at all. 

So please, PLEASE, sit down this coming weekend, and dedicate 30min to thoughtfully writing down 12 things you would consider to be "achievements you will remember for the rest of your life!!", and commit, no... COMMIT to accomplishing one EVERY MONTH for the next year.

Excuse I'm willing to accept: "I really really want to, but don't know how." I will accept that excuse only if you contact me so I can teach you HOW you can accomplish those goals and achieve high performance. 

Yes achievements are hard, and some may take far longer than a month, but as long as you take concrete steps every month, than those steps ARE an achievement!

I'm not saying that you have to give up brunches, happy hour, tanning or clubbing. What I'm saying is: do something that matters once in a while! and get off the travelator!

In other words: wake up!!

Rant over!