Make your presentation more convincing by manipulating fonts and formatting

It appears that being OCD on the formatting (font selection, colors, etc) in your documents and presentations strongly influences how a reader “perceives” your document. More importantly, each of these factors affect how the reader “will respond” to your document.

Behavioral psychology studies looked into the impact of certain fonts, types of paper, clarity of text, formatting and other document & presentation-related elements on the “behavior of the reader”.

Those studies have demonstrated that you can INFLUENCE the message of your document by manipulating those formatting elements.

For example: readers are much more likely to accept what they’re reading as “TRUTH” when the text is clearly writer in large font, on a contrasting background, with clean and neat formatting.

In fact, psychological studies have revealed that the more “distractions” there are in a document (e.g. mid-aligned boxes, small font, bad paper quality, etc), the MORE a reader’s brain will be activated to analyze and overthink every aspect of the text, making it HARDER for you to convince the reader of your message.

By contrast, those same studies have shown that readers exposed to “easy to read and cleanly formatted documents” have a tendency to process the contents more superficially and more quickly (without too much “thinking”).

Keep that in mind when preparing presentations, making a pitch to a client or investors, when preparing advertising campaigns and more.

If you’re interested in similar success secrets from behavioral psychology, the book Thinking, Fast and Slow (by Daniel Kahneman) is an excellent resource.