The Power of a "Streak"


If you're a sportsfan, there probably were times when your favorite team or athlete went on a "winning streak", notching up several victories in a row, appearing invincible. 

Was that just because they were so much better than the competition? Well studies have shown that the confidence you get from each win builds on the previous one, motivating you to work harder and strengthening the belief in yourself. In other words, the "winning streak" feeds itself!

Other studies have shown that this doesn't just apply to sports, but to each and every individual in whatever aspect of their lives. 

Build a "continuous uninterrupted winning streak" in anything and you'll soon realize that it becomes much much easier to maintain that momentum. 

The pictures you see here are an example of my own streak. The picture on the left has the dates for last month and first week of June:

- Crossing out each day means "I ate clean": no junk, sugar, grains or gluten. 

- Next to each day is some form of workout I did

Most people have 1 "cheat day" per week, and herein lies the problem. A week is NOT enough to build a streak. You need to go for 3 weeks at least, and then something will "click" and it will become far easier to maintain it that even temptations go away, seriously. 

The other important aspect is: you have to make it "visual". This reinforces the message and makes it easier to adhere to the plan. 

There is also a physiological benefit: you rarely feel the benefit of eliminating a "bad food" for a week. But eliminate it for 30 days and trust me: the moment you eat it again you'll experience the decline in brain and physical performance. 

Give it a try. Put a sheet of paper on your fridge, put the dates and get started! Even if you fail at first, start a new winning streak.