Are you average?


Whether it's your computer, iPhone, car, air conditioning system, airplane, train, or whatever else you use in your daily life: I'm assuming you always want them to "perform well", even "perform at their best" all the time correct?

After all, a slow iPhone or moderately functioning air condition system can be pretty annoying, enough for you to seek to "do something about it". 

So why do you not treat yourself that way? Why is it that people only seek to make changes in their lives when something goes horribly wrong (disease)? 

Doctors are trained to "treat disease", ie to fix you when something goes wrong, not to help you maximize your health and potential. 

Doctors will tell you're "fine" when blood tests show that you're "within the range". But the range is based on the average of the population, not "optimal/best" level!

I'm a firm believer in high performance in all aspects of your life: work, family, self, health. 

That's why I'm so focused on sharing knowledge about health and high performance.

Don't wait until something breaks to fix it. 

Don't be just "average" or "fine". 

Never settle