Getting back up is a choice, and it's yours

"Jim Collins demonstrates very scientifically that successful and unsuccessful companies have invariably experienced similar doses of good and bad fortune. It's what you do in the circumstances that matter" - Alastair Campbell, Winners. 

This concept is even more critical on an individual level: successful people never let circumstances keep them down. They always look for the silver lining. 

People who've known me for a long time have, at some point or another, invariably shouted at me "how can you be calm and optimistic when x,y,z is happening?!!".

I just don't know any other way. What's the alternative? You will get knocked down hundreds of time in your life, count on it. It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, but it does matter how many times you get back up. My road to where I am today was bumpy, very bumpy, and was sometimes blocked almost completely, but those obstacles are exactly what allow me to savor every moment of success...

It's always a choice. If you stay down, it's your choice, and you can chose otherwise. If you need help to get back up, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; there is however in choosing to stay down out of fear or embarrassment when needing help. 

Wake up in the morning and chose what kind of day you want to have.