The SE Philosophy

I'm often asked about the reason I started System Endurance, what SE's purpose is and what I'm hoping to achieve with it. And I always find myself giving different answers.

Sometimes I'll say that "I'm seeking to help athletes reach their potential", other times I'll say it's to "help people introduce fitness and health into their lives". In some circumstances, I'll say that "I'm trying to help people manage stress and reach and better work life balance", while in others I find myself engaged in long conversations about "career, family, relationships, self-confidence, motivation and so on…"

I've had time to ponder the philosophy I seek to articulate through SE, and have reached a conclusion (which I'm certain will evolve over time, but at least it's a strong foundation):

To put it simply, my whole aim with the System Endurance platform is to help absolutely anyone operate at their peak.

But when I say "operate at their peak" I do not mean peak in athletic achievement, or physical health, or longevity, or career, or work-life balance, or hormonal balance, or sexual health, or social relationships, or romantic relationships, etc.

What I mean is: ALL of the above.

As a coach, I will feel that I've reached my goal with an individual when this particular person firmly believes (in their own opinion not mine) that she/he are now equipped to deal with whatever life throws at them, from Ironman triathlons and Spartan races to big job interviews and relationship speed bumps, and everything in between.

Do I claim that I "know it all" and that I've reached such an ideal? Absolutely not! I'm far from perfecting my own life, and even though I've achieved a number of high "highs", I've also had some spectacular crashes too, and every single one of them was by my own doing...

I have potentials in life. YOU have potentials in life. Potentials may be athletic, professional, inspirational, educational, and so much more. 

Ask yourself the 2 questions I ask myself every week:

  1. How close am I to my potential?
  2. What am I actively doing today, this week, this month, and this year to get closer to my potential. 

I refuse to glide through life aimlessly, only to look back years down the road and have regrets over missed opportunities. And I refuse to let anybody else go through that either

So I vowed a few years back to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the skills and tools to operate as close to my potential as possible across ALL aspects of my life. And it all started by a rediscovered and gigantic thirst for education...

Over the past 2 years, I've immersed myself in a cycle of:

  1. study,
  2. research,
  3. test,
  4. assess,
  5. amend & adapt,
  6. (importantly) teach,
  7. and repeat.

I've delved deeply into topics I felt were most critical to maximizing my "performance as a human being", including health & fitness, sports performance, career development, self-development, character building, conventional medicine, functional medicine, human movement, quantum physics, genetics and epigenetics, etc...

I'm NOWHERE NEAR satisfying my drive to "study, research, test, assess, amend, (importantly) teach, and repeat".

I started teaching when I was 15 years old, as a matter of fact, it was my first job ever. In college, I tutored many students when I was a Biology major as well as Business major. After graduating, I continued to tutor college students. Throughout my career, I put particular emphasis on developing talent in people I worked with: sharing of knowledge is something I feel very strongly about...

And I will share as much of the knowledge I glean with anyone who also refuses to "left life just glide by".