Challenge of the Month - March 2015

Good evening everyone!

At the beginning of this year, we started the new concept of the Challenge of the Month.

The concept is simple: to show you that you can easily achieve amazing improvements in your health and fitness with as little as 5-10min a day if you're consistent about it.

In January, the Challenge was to complete a total of 2000 squats for the month, which averages at 61 squats per day. These were "air squats" (so no weights) and I was surprised by how many people completed them.

In February, we upped the anty on the legs a little more, with the challenge being to accumulate 28min of an isometric wall squat (wall chair pose) over the course of the month, so averaging 1min per day! And while I was pleased with the number of people who've completed it (and some far exceeded it), the evil side in me chuckled when I read reports of jelly legs and "being sore for days!" :-)

So I decided to switch things around a little for the March challenge: let's give our brains some exercise!

Once you complete the challenge, drop me an email letting me know.

Prizes (unchanged from last month):

EVERYONE who completes the challenge will get a 60min private consult where we can discuss physical and mental fitness, nutrition, body composition, stress management, hormonal optimization, meditation, career management, and many other aspects

- I will pick ONE of the "finishers" at random every month, and that person will obtain 1 free month of personalized coaching. 


Read one non-fiction book of at least 250 pages.

- To help you with some ideas, here's a link to the non-fiction books I have personally read over the course of the past 14 months (from Jan 2014-to-date)
- I would actually love it if you would email me and tell me which book(s) you've selected. I would also encourage you to drop me an email from time with whatever thoughts cross your mind as you're reading. Let's get a conversation started!

A note to Team SE athletes:
- As always, the challenge is a little harder for you!
- You know my philosophy: you cannot be a complete athlete if other aspects of your life are lacking, and as such, I encourage you to read and enrich your knowledge to strengthen your resolve, expand your mind, develop resilience and adaptation...
- So for Team SE athletes: you are required to read a total of 500 pages of non-fiction (single or multiple books)!
- I expect to discuss your books at the Hafeet Training Camp! Yes, I know I'm sounding like a school teacher... if you fail in this challenge, well, you'll be in the middle of a training camp, I can think of so many ways to inflict pain ;-)
- The Challenge of the Month is not optional, it's mandatory!
- And no you don't get any prizes for completing it... you get a pat on the back... and maybe an additional climb up Jebel Hafeet during the camp...

Good luck and keep me posted on your progress!!