15,000 cancer deaths caused by CT Scans

I always advise you to educate yourself before seeing your doctor, because doctors are trained to match a symptom with a certain pharmaceutical, often not dealing with the root cause of the problem and even more often ignoring the side effects of the pharmaceuticals (more on how this created a global pandemic today in a later post).


I wanted today to draw your attention to the following:

- Doctors recommend CT Scan for a wide variety of causes.

- At least 1/3 of CT Scans turn out to have been unnecessary.

- A single exposure to CT Scan increases cancer risk by 24%, with subsequent exposure increasing it by 16% each.

- 15,000 death of cancer have been linked to exposure to CT Scans in a single year.

- Doctors have been taught in medical school that scans are safe, which contradicts all the new research.

- Still, 91% of doctors believe that they are safe.

- Risk is substantially higher for children.

- Many child scans done at adult-level machine settings (higher radiation exposure).


CT scans have their place and no doubt save lives (just like antibiotics I rave against also do). But unnecessary scans putting your life at risk should be at least questioned. If your doctor won't do it, then it's up to you to ask the questions.

(Sources: National Cancer Institute, Consumer Reports, CDC, Life Extension).