30 days left

Today is December 1st. There are 30 days left before the end of 2015.

You may already have a list of major achievements you can proudly look back on to celebrate the new year and make you look forward to 2016.

Or you may have not.

This is just a gentle reminder that you still have 30 days left!Don't waste them: make a list of 2-3 major things you can accomplish so that 2015 doesn't become "just another year".

Here are some suggestions:
- Donate an entire weekend of your time for a worthy cause.
- Reach out to someone in need of emotional support and guidance, and be there for them.
- Donate an uncomfortably large sum of money to a cause you care about (and be grateful that you are able to do that)
- Sponsor a child's education
- Mentor someone
- Give away 70% of your clothing (you know you're not wearing them!)
- Pledge to make 5 new friends before the end of the year