What I keep in my wallet + the most inspiring story I've read in a long time

There is only 1 piece of paper I keep in my wallet, and it's been there for a few years. Not a week goes by when I don't read it to snap myself out of a mentally challenging situation. I hope it brings inspiration to some of you:




I read this piece in a magazine yesterday and found it to be profoundly inspiring: this is a story of a 19-year old robotics genius and popular high-school kid who turned down scholarships and job offers to focus on one thing: bringing cutting edge robotics technology to help people with disabilities. This can be done through robotic prosthetics for those with amputated limbs and full-body robotic for those with paralysis. You can find out more by Googling about him: Easton LaChappelle, founder of Unlimited Tomorrow.

He is now attracting the interest of investors worldwide, including Tony Robbins who has already invested in Unlimited Tomorrow.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Tony Hchaime