My favorite iPhone feature! Wish I had discovered it sooner!

I stumbled on what I believe to be the best feature on the iPhone for enhancing your productivity:
Have a look at the attached picture:

This feature actually shows you how much time is spent on various applications.
As you can see from the screenshot off my own iPhone, in the past 24 hours, I’ve spent:

  • 1.3 hrs on the Phone
  • 57min on Email
  • 27min on Facebook
  • 10min on WhatsApp 

I’m quite happy with that and it is in-line with my expectations. For the record, I don’t check social media or email on any other device.
I did compare my stats with 4 other people, and what we collectively realized was shocking: on an average, people spend between 4 to 5 HOURS per day on Facebook!
That’s 28-35 hours a week! That’s around 1500 hours per year!!!!
Here’s how you can access this info:
1. Go to Settings
2. Battery
3. Wait for Battery Usage to load
4. Tap once on any of the apps, and voila: you get the time spent
5. You can even see the time spent over the past 7 days
My suggestion would be:

  • For an entire week: put a reminder to check your usage daily and make a concerted effort to reduce wastage of time.
  • After that first week, put a reminder to check once a week, looking at the 7-day total usage feature available. 

Tony Hchaime